Saturday, December 2

TV Listings Sep 22-28

Movie of the Week

A lovable trucker, Philo Beddoe, and his unconventional companions, including a mischievous orangutan, embark on a madcap journey through California. Along the way, they cross paths with motorcycle gangs, country singers, and wild bar brawls. Get ready for a rollicking ride! Starring Clint Eastwood, Sandra Locke and Manis.

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Every Which Way But Loose – Movie

Friday 8 PM CT The Super 70s Sports Movie of the Week!

Colorado vs. Oregon - College Football

Saturday 2:30 PM CT Deion Sanders leads the Buffaloes into a Pac-12 matchup against the Ducks.

Chicago Bears vs. Kansas City Chiefs - NFL

Sunday 3:25 PM CT Watch the best team in the league blowout the worst team in the league (if you're into that sort of thing).

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - NFL

Monday 6:15 PM CT Monday Night Football, ladies and gentlmen!

Chicago Cubs vs. Atlanta Braves - MLB

Tuesday 6:20 CT Can the Cubs make a push for the playoffs against Ronald Acuna and the league-leading Braves?

The Love Boat

Tuesday 8 PM CT A man impersonating a female singer gets double trouble when a passenger falls for the singer and Julie falls for him. Guest star: Rich Little.

Elias Cup Finals – Pro Bowling

Wednesday 10:30 PM CT From Bayside Bowl in Portland, Maine.