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All-Time Greatest Mustache

Whose upper lip holds the greatest mustache of all-time? Democracy is needed to decide this highly-debated facial feature quandry. Vote daily this week during each round, write-in a candidate as you see fit, and spread the word to get your voice heard on this vitally important topic.

The Candidates: Larry Bird, Wilford Brimley, Dale Earnhardt, Goose Gossage, Mike Ditka, Rollie Fingers, Keith Hernandez, Hulk Hogan, Don Mattingly, Freddie Mercury, Prince, Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck, Alex Trebek

Round 1 Ends

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Rd 1 - 1
Rd 1 - 2
Rd 1 - 3
Rd 1 - 4
Rd 1 - 5
Rd 1 - 6
Rd 1 - 7
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The Dude
The Dude
7 days ago

Selleck vs. Brimley first round match-up is a travesty!